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 About Tennis Cruise   

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Tennis Cruise was formed from a tennis fan's perspective. Let's face it, we only have so much vacation time available and it should be special.

Well, Tennis Cruise is the perfect answer for tennis enthusiasts and their families, even if they are not all tennis fans.

With Tennis Cruise, you can enjoy an affordable tennis theme luxury cruise that the whole family will love and tennis fans can take in some of the greatest tennis on the planet ,up close and personal.

Tennis Cruise takes great care in selecting a superior cruise line and ship as well as an exciting itinerary. You will truly get a dream experience.  And when it comes to the land and air  portion of your vacation, we are there to offer great packages. We are a full service provider that can help you with every aspect of your trip and even get you the best tennis tickets available.

Let Tennis Cruise be part of your next vacation experience. We are here to exceed your expectations.