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 Become A Member of the Tennis Cruise Club And Offer Event Discounts As You Earn Commissions



 greta and don

Greta and Don G., Marietta, Ga.

 "What a great vacation! I have been searching for a cruise/tennis vacation and Tennis Cruise made it happen. It was everything I had hoped it would be. Royal Caribbean's service was 5 star and all the tennis activities were fun and challenging. It was an honor to spend time with Owen Davidson on and off the court."


As a Tennis Cruise Club member you can help other tennis enthusiasts save money on their dream tennis vacations and in the process, you can earn substantial commissions (up to $200.00 per cabin).

And the best part, there is no selling.

Here's how it works if you become a member:

 tennis cruise partner illustration
  1. When Mary books a Tennis Cruise event, you earn $75.00 ($150.00 if Mary has a travel companion)
  2. Mary and her travel companion each save $50.00 because they were referred by a Tennis Cruise Club member
  3. When Bill books a Tennis Cruise event, you earn $25.00 ($50.00 if Bill has a travel companion)
  4. Mary and Bill can each benefit on their booking and referrals if they also become Tennis Cruise Club members.


This is truly a win for everyone.

Club members pay less on their Tennis Cruise packages after they make their first referral, earn commissions on the referrals, and the referrals pay less because they were referred by a club member.

It's easy to participate.

  • Tell your friends about Tennis Cruise
  • Bring the offer to your tennis club or other clubs in the area
  • Tell your tennis pro or coach
  • Tell your tennis students/clients
  • Bring it up on social networks (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter,etc.)

This is even a great way to raise money for a charity or non-profit organization.

Simply, refer Tennis Cruise and tell people to include your name and email address in the "Referrer" portion of the reservation form so they can receive their discounted price.

We do the rest. 



To Become A Tennis Cruise Club member, complete the form below.


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