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Tennis Cruise Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions that have been compiled to help you better understand Tennis Cruise. 

What exactly is Tennis Cruise?
Tennis Cruise is an affordable tennis theme luxury cruise that the whole family will love that includes tennis playing at exotic locations, tennis playing aboard the cruise ship when available and when possible, attendance at top level professional tennis tournaments. The goal of Tennis Cruise is to provide a memorable vacation that includes tennis. Tennis Cruise packages include special events or customized vacations.
Does Tennis Cruise take up the whole ship?
No, Tennis Cruise is a group aboard the ship. We keep the size of the group at a manageable level to assure that everyone gets the experience they deserve. The maximum size of the group varies depending on the ship, ports of call, and other conditions.

Is Tennis Cruise only for tennis players?
No. As a matter of fact, the founder of Tennis Cruise designed the concept based on his family dynamic. It is intended to provide a great vacation that includes tennis for those that play but also the great cruise experience for those that don't. The cruise ship provides something for everyone. Non tennis players can exchange a day of tennis for a spa package and golfers can have a day of golf, for an additional cost. In most cases, we can put together a great package for the non-players at a very affordable cost.

Will tennis be played at every port of call?
We will do our best to provide tennis at every port of call, but it's not always possible. Some locations are not as developed as others and simply don't have tennis courts.

Will tennis be played on the ship?
When available, tennis will be played on the ship. Many ships have the facility to, at the very least, run drills, but other conditions make tennis playing complicated. Our goal is to provide tennis playing on the ship if at all possible.

Who is the tennis celebrity?
Some Tennis Cruise events will include a tennis celebrity/legend. When we have one, we will usually announce our tennis celebrity( sometimes more than one) approximately four months prior to sailing. The selection process is detailed because we want to pick someone that will interact with our guests both socially and on the tennis court. We also want someone who is outgoing and interesting.

How much tennis will be provided on Tennis Cruise?
Tennis Cruise is a vacation that includes tennis. That being said, it is not intended to be a tennis camp. If you are looking for 6 to 8 hours of tennis a day you should consider a tennis camp or resort instead. Our feeling is that with vacation time and money at a premium, we want to provide an experience that covers it all for tennis enthusiasts.

What ships are used for Tennis Cruise?

We are not tied to any particular cruise line. We will only consider luxury cruise ships that are willing to make the proper accommodations that we require.

Is Tennis Cruise suitable for children?

Absolutely. The cruise ship even provides a group setting and even baby sitting for children too young to participate in the tennis events or not interested in them.

Is Tennis Cruise all inclusive?
The cruise ship provides all the food and entertainment on the ship. We provide the tennis activities on and off the ship as well as transportation to the tennis activities. We also provide at least one day tickets to the tennis tournament, when a tournament is part of the event. In almost all cases, the cost of air, transportation to and from air, and the hotel stay is not included in the Tennis Cruise package.

When should I arrive?

We suggest that you arrive at least a day prior to the departure and stay at least a day after the ship returns. Tennis Cruise includes a "meet and greet" the evening prior to the sailing followed by a tennis playing activity the morning of departure (when appropriate).

Do you offer any special deals for groups?

Yes, if you can put together at least four cabins we can offer a special deal. Contact us for details.

How about charities?

Yes, we can help you use Tennis Cruise as a fundraiser. Contact us.

Is Tennis Cruise more expensive than a regular cruise?

In some cases, Tennis Cruise is more expensive because we are offering a great deal more than a regular cruise. That being said, our goal is to make Tennis Cruise an affordable vacation for everyone and I think we have done an excellent job of keeping prices low. We aim at delivering a huge value for the money.

Will the price go down if I wait until the last minute?

Unfortunately, no. Here is the way it works. We are able to lock in a group at a certain price for a certain period of time. After that time elapses, our hold on the price is gone. As the ship fills up, the cruise line will increase the cost of the cabins and we will be forced to pass on that increase to people first booking. Once someone reserves their spot, the price is guaranteed. So the short answer is, book as early as possible. If for some reason prices go down, we will pass on the savings.

Can I make money referring people to Tennis Cruise? 

Yes, you can earn money and provide discounts to participants through our Tennis Cruise Club or Independent Agent opportunities.. Tennis Cruise Club is designed to help you promote Tennis Cruise to everyone you know or to tennis enthusiasts in general. It's a win-win. You can earn commissions and/or travel savings and the people you refer pay less than the stated price.



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